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The very best SF and fantasy writing from celebrated authors such as Peter F Hamilton, China Mieville and Genevieve Cogman. Need more inspiration? Check out Adrian Tchaikovsky’s space epic Children of Time, winner of the 30th anniversary Arthur C Clark Award for best novel.

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  1. Book cover for The Kaiju Preservation Society
    The Kaiju Preservation Society

    John Scalzi

  2. Book cover for Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments
    Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments

    T. L. Huchu

  3. Book cover for The Atlas Six
    The Atlas Six

    Olivie Blake

  4. Book cover for Station Eleven
    Station Eleven

    Emily St. John Mandel

  5. Book cover for A Desolation Called Peace
    A Desolation Called Peace

    Arkady Martine

  6. Book cover for The Thousand Eyes
    The Thousand Eyes

    A. K. Larkwood

  7. Book cover for Fury of a Demon
    Fury of a Demon

    Brian Naslund

  8. Book cover for Jack Four
    Jack Four

    Neal Asher

  9. Book cover for The Untold Story
    The Untold Story

    Genevieve Cogman

  10. Book cover for A Marvellous Light
    A Marvellous Light

    Freya Marske

  11. Book cover for The Air War
    The Air War

    Adrian Tchaikovsky

  12. Book cover for War Master's Gate
    War Master's Gate

    Adrian Tchaikovsky

  13. Book cover for Seal of the Worm
    Seal of the Worm

    Adrian Tchaikovsky

  14. Book cover for The Most Precious of Cargoes
    The Most Precious of Cargoes

    Jean-Claude Grumberg

  15. Book cover for Under the Whispering Door
    Under the Whispering Door

    TJ Klune

  16. Book cover for The Library of the Dead
    The Library of the Dead

    T. L. Huchu

  17. Book cover for Deep Wheel Orcadia
    Deep Wheel Orcadia

    Harry Josephine Giles

  18. Book cover for Invisible Sun
    Invisible Sun

    Charles Stross

  19. Book cover for To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
    To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

    Christopher Paolini

  20. Book cover for The House in the Cerulean Sea
    The House in the Cerulean Sea

    TJ Klune

  21. Book cover for Fallen Dragon
    Fallen Dragon

    Peter F. Hamilton

  22. Book cover for Misspent Youth
    Misspent Youth

    Peter F. Hamilton

  23. Book cover for XX

    Rian Hughes

  24. Book cover for The Dreaming Void
    The Dreaming Void

    Peter F. Hamilton

  25. Book cover for The Temporal Void
    The Temporal Void

    Peter F. Hamilton

  26. Book cover for The Evolutionary Void
    The Evolutionary Void

    Peter F. Hamilton

  27. Book cover for The Rookery
    The Rookery

    Deborah Hewitt

  28. Book cover for The Black Locomotive
    The Black Locomotive

    Rian Hughes

  29. Book cover for She Who Became the Sun
    She Who Became the Sun

    Shelley Parker-Chan

  30. Book cover for The Scarab Path
    The Scarab Path

    Adrian Tchaikovsky

  31. Book cover for The Sea Watch
    The Sea Watch

    Adrian Tchaikovsky

  32. Book cover for Heirs of the Blade
    Heirs of the Blade

    Adrian Tchaikovsky

  33. Book cover for The Empire's Ruin
    The Empire's Ruin

    Brian Staveley

  34. Book cover for The Sin Eater
    The Sin Eater

    Megan Campisi

  35. Book cover for Witchshadow

    Susan Dennard

  36. Book cover for Night Without Stars
    Night Without Stars

    Peter F. Hamilton

  37. Book cover for The Abyss Beyond Dreams
    The Abyss Beyond Dreams

    Peter F. Hamilton

  38. Book cover for Black Water Sister
    Black Water Sister

    Zen Cho

  39. Book cover for The Saints of Salvation
    The Saints of Salvation

    Peter F. Hamilton

  40. Book cover for Rabbits

    Terry Miles

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