Piracy Report

To report an incident of online piracy (unauthorized publication) of a Pan Macmillan book in either electronic, audio and/or print format, please provide the information below. Please use a separate form for each website (for example, you may submit all titles or multiple postings of the titles that appear on that same website on one form). Please provide the exact link within each website for each work. Pan Macmillan may send takedown notices or take other action for works where it publishes or distributes the work.

Thank you for reporting suspected piracy! All reports you send in go directly to our anti-piracy vendor, Covington & Burling, for immediate investigation and action, as well as to our Macmillan anti-piracy team.

Due to an increasing volume of reports, our team will not be sending an individual reply to each report as it comes in but will make sure to update you on the status of all links you send in at least once a quarter. In the interim, Covington is still acting on each report as soon as they get it.

Sometimes you will see links that remain up even after we received a report; this can be for a variety of reasons such as when the underlying URL from a linking page leads to a scam site or dead link. Unfortunately, certain sites are slow to comply – or are entirely non-compliant – with our takedown notices. Our efforts don’t end there, however. We pursue multiple escalation steps, as well as sending all links to Google for delisting from search results.

If you have urgent questions, please contact us at enforcement@macmillan.com.

Thanks for your patience and vigilance.