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  • Pan Macmillan generally doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts or proposals. All our submissions come via literary agents. Information on how to find a literary agent can be found at

  • Please email with the name of your business and the books you would like to order and we will get back to you.

  • Requests to reuse content from Pan Macmillan (adult titles only)  please visit and complete the online form.

    For all adult rights enquiries, please email 

  • For requests to use content from Macmillan Children’s Books please follow this link:

  • Please email with your request.

  • For print titles, please email details of the problem, as well as author and title details, and ISBN if possible, to We aim to reply as quickly as possible to all queries, but please allow 28 days before following up on your query. 

    For ebooks, please email details of the problem, as well as author and title details, and the ISBN, to

  •  We are unable to give out our authors' and illustrators' contact details, but we're more than happy to pass messages on to them. You can either email your message to or post it to us, addressed to the author in question, at:

    6 Briset Street
    EC1M 5NR
    Tel: 0207 038 5000 

    Please note that we can't guarantee a response from our authors.

  • Please email with your question.

  • Please complete the web form at 

    The team responds to all reports.

  •  All of our books currently in print can be found on our website; you can search by author, book or ISBN.
    If you can’t find a title that you think we publish it is probably for one of these reasons:

    -It is out of print

    -The book’s publication date is more than 5 months away

    -We don’t publish the book. You can quickly find out the publisher of any book by searching for it on Amazon and scrolling down to the product information section. If it does say Macmillan / Pan / Pan Macmillan / Picador / Tor / Macmillan Children’s Books and you can’t find it on our website, it will be either because of one of the two reasons above, or it will be published by our sister company, Macmillan US. You can search their website at

  • We accept direct submissions of debut collections from poets resident in the UK and Ireland.*

    Poets should have completed a book manuscript and have achieved journal publication.

    Please send an extract of up to 15 pages to in a single document.

    If we wish to see more of your work, we will contact you within eight weeks.

    All submitted work will be treated as confidential.

    *Other submissions, including international, are accepted from agented authors only. We do not accept unsolicited submissions of poetry for children.

  • Please be aware that fictitious solicitations purporting to be “Letter(s) of Interest,” job openings, and/or requests for payment are occasionally circulated online by individuals posing as Pan Macmillan representatives. Pan Macmillan does not solicit agents, authors, or job candidates in this manner. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a communication purportedly from or on behalf of Pan Macmillan, please email before taking any action. Pan Macmillan job postings are available online here.