Out on 27 June 2019

Maggsie McNaughton's Second Chance

Frances Maynard

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27 June 2019
336 pages

'Smart and funny' Ruth Hogan

Because it's never too late to start over...

Small and dyslexic, with a short fuse, bad teeth, a prison record and something to prove, Marguerite McNaughton – Maggsie – doesn't need anybody or anything, thank you very much. She's more than capable of looking after herself.

She’s also about to discover that everyone needs someone, sometimes.
Even her.

The thing about trusting others, though, is that not everyone is trustworthy...

It starts when a fellow inmate gives Maggsie reading lessons. Then she's offered a job in London as a kitchen assistant, together with supported accommodation and a colleague who seems determined to befriend Maggsie, no matter what.

At first, Maggsie is convinced nothing will change.
Especially her.

But maybe this time can be different? Maybe Maggsie can be different – if she can just put her previous mistakes behind her and her trust in the right people.

Maggsie McNaughton's Second Chance, by Frances Maynard, is an uplifting, heartwarming novel about the power of friendship and the written word, perfect for fans of Eleanor Oliphant, Three Things about Elsie and Elizabeth is Missing.

Smart and funny

Ruth Hogan, author of The Keeper of Lost Things and Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel

A joy from start to finish: quirky, real and moving, with unforgettable characters you’ll root for from the very beginning

Katy Regan, author of Little Big Love

Finished Maggsie McNaughton's Second Chance and I feel bereft. A wonderful, uplifting read

Jenny Quintana, author of The Missing Girl