My Friends from Cairnton

Jane Duncan

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27 August 2015
208 pages

I think you are forgetting one thing, Twice,' I said. 'You seem to forget that my home is where you are.'

Janet is unhappy in St Jago. Although Twice Alexander is now convalescing from his serious illness, the strain of the past year has caused an emotional rift between them-and Reachfar, her beloved childhood home, is sold.

Friends from Cairnton, past and present, unknowingly provide the help she needs. The rich, pathetic Lady Hallinzeil arrives with Mrs Drew, her malignant companion; and later come those beloved friends of Janet's schooldays, Violetta Cervi and Kathleen Malone-now a famous singer.

When these memorable characters leave, Janet and Twice are able to face their new life together with hope and understanding.

All the exuberance, forthrightness and vigour of the best of these chronicles


Twelfth in the series . . . it is also one of the best

Church Times

Excellent entertainment

Daily Telegraph