My Friends the MacLeans

Jane Duncan

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27 August 2015
232 pages

'Janet, what do you mean? What has been going on between you and that bloody boy?'

When Janet Alexander learns that young Roddy Maclean intends to defy his parents and become a writer, not an engineer, she readily helps him run away from St Jago. Her impulsive action infuriates Rob and Marion Maclean, and harsh words end a long friendship.

Interwoven with Janet's discovery of deeper currents under the placid surface of the Paradise estate, are unrest among the plantation workers, the convalescence of Twice Alexander, and the advent of Madame Dulac's grandson Edward, who falls more than a little in love with Janet.

Not until Roddy unexpectedly returns to the island does Janet come to know the truth about her friends the Macleans . . .

The sheer storytelling ability of Miss Duncan gives her series of books about her fictitious friends a wonderful freshess

The Sphere

Turbulent human drama . . . exciting suspense

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