Released on 27 August 2015.

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My Friends the Mrs. Millers

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'This Paradise community doesn't seem to me to be the secure, feudal, friendly affair that everybody likes to think. There's a change working . . .'

As the turbulent island of St. Jago reaches a turning point in its way of life Janet and Twice Alexander are once again deeply involved in the daily life of the community.

Many loved Friends reappear and now added to these are the gentle Mrs Miller from Achcraggan, a link with Janet's childhood; the widowed Mrs Miller in the toils of a mixed marriage, and coloured Mrs Miller who becomes Twice's secretary. When a double crisis occurs in her personal fortunes, Janet finds a new maturity.

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Sheffield Telegraph
More memorable achievement than in any of her previous books
Aberdeen Press & Journal
Probably the best . . . there is a beautiful calm about Jane Duncan's style, although the plots are surprisingly exciting
Daily Mirror