Dover Three

Joyce Porter

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29 August 2013
218 pages

It seemed that everyone in the bleak little village of Thornwich had been honoured with the most obscene poison pen letters imaginable. And they showed no signs of letting up. So off goes Chief Inspector Dover of Scotland Yard, his unfortunate young colleague MacGregor in tow, to track down the source.

Not-so-comfortably ensconced in the miserable lodgings of the Jolly Sailor, Dover’s easy confidence is quickly shaken when he suddenly has to deal with two suicides – one attempted, the other all-too-successful – black-market babies, and various bowel disorders. When the second suicide begins to look more and more like murder, however, it is only a matter of time before Dover comes face-to-face with a most determined, and totally unlikely killer.

Completing the trilogy that first introduced Dover to an international audience, Dover Three combines black humour and earthy detail in a wickedly perceptive picture of rural English life.

‘. . . copious helpings of humor and ingenuity, with a delightfully devised denouement.’ New York Times