Rather a Common Sort of Crime

Joyce Porter

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18 July 2013
202 pages

Meet the Honourable Constance Ethel Morrison Burke — in looks a cross between Margaret Rutherford and Victor McLaglen, in temperament a cross between Pollyanna and Colonel Blimp.

When the Hon. Con opens an advice bureau, her first and only client is a woman whose son is supposed to have committed suicide, but who, his mother says, was murdered—a conclusion based on religious rather than evidential grounds. The Hon. Con takes up the challenge and quickly runs into problems. The police are indifferent; the dead boy turns out to have been the worst kind of hoodlum; and the only good lead takes her to the Kama Sutra Club, a local hangout of most doubtful propriety. There she meets a gang of young toughs who seem to be surreptitiously running the whole town. Matters go from bad to worse and eventually they’re very bad indeed. For the Hon. Con finds herself facing the murderer. . . at the wrong end of a gun.