The Package Included Murder

Joyce Porter

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18 July 2013
202 pages

The Honourable Constance Morrison-Burke (one-time welfare worker, pigeon fancier, Rugby football coach and private detective) had really reached rock bottom when she decided to become a writer. Finding (somewhat to her surprise) that she didn’t seem able to manage a novel, the obvious choice was an in-depth, sociological study of life in the Soviet Union. Unlike some, the Hon. Con was determined to base her book on first-hand experience, and, pausing only to make sure she’d got the cheapest tickets, booked up for a fortnight’s package tour. Accompanied by her close chum and dogsbody, Miss Jones, the Hon. Con resolutely sets off to ‘do’ Russia.

Luckily for all concerned, the dreary old sight-seeing stuff is soon relegated to the background when somebody keeps on trying to murder the prettiest girl in the party. The Hon. Con is naturally not going to stand for that and is soon valiantly wading in to the rescue. Before you can say KGB, she is up to her ears in clues, theories and newly made enemies . . .