Out on 19 August 2021

Emily Noble's Disgrace

Mary Paulson-Ellis

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19 August 2021
384 pages

The case is unexceptional, that is what I know. A house full of stuff left behind by a dead woman, abandoned at the last . . .

When trauma cleaner Essie Pound makes a gruesome discovery in the derelict Edinburgh boarding house she is sent to clean, it brings her into contact with a young policewoman, Emily Noble, who has her own reasons to solve the case.

As the two women embark on a journey into the heart of a forgotten family, the investigation prompts fragmented memories of their own traumatic histories – something Emily has spent a lifetime attempting to bury, and Essie a lifetime trying to lay bare.

Emily Noble’s Disgrace is the third novel from Mary Paulson-Ellis, the bestselling author of The Other Mrs Walker, a Waterstones Scottish Book of the Year.

Totally absorbing, this is a story that will keep you gripped through all its unexpected twists and turns

Janice Hadlow, author of The Other Bennet Sister

This book is a swoon and slither of silk with the grit of salt underneath. Mary Paulson-Ellis is a genius at peeling away the layers and slowly, skilfully putting flesh on the bones of an extraordinary, sinuous story

Sarah Hilary, author of Fragile

The territory of the dead — and the objects they leave behind — is the subject of this beautifully written, compelling contemporary gothic novel. Mary Paulson-Ellis strips back the secrets and lies hiding within one house with a deft touch

Andrew Wilson, author of I Saw Him Die