Small Talk

Nicola Lathey

Tracey Blake

20 June 2013
320 pages


This book will help you encourage and stimulate the natural stages of language development in the crucial early years. Featuring lots of practical ‘Small Talk Time’ ideas – quick, fun language games to play with your baby, toddler and preschooler – you will feel confident you know what to do to enhance your child’s communication from birth to help them reach their potential and give them the best head start for lifelong learning. After all, a parent is a child’s best teacher.

Find out:

* The one single technique you must adopt to make the most significant impact on your child’s language ability

* The truth about dummies, tongue tie, dribbling, why bottles are so bad after 12 months, baby signing and whether TV hinders your child’s language development

* About causes for concern and where to turn for help