Released on 16 November 2017.

#2 in series
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Double Kiss

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The race is on. The stakes are high.

Frankie James thought his troubles were behind him. He’s busy running his Soho Club, and his brother’s finally out of prison. But when a postcard arrives from Mallorca, he’s stopped in his tracks . . . Is it from his mother – the woman who’s been missing for eight years?

When the goddaughter of London’s fiercest gangster, Tommy Riley, goes missing in Ibiza, Tommy knows there’s one man for the job – Frankie James. Just when Frankie was on the straight and narrow, he’s now faced with an impossible choice. If he agrees to help find Tanya, he’ll be thrown into a world of danger. If he doesn’t, Tommy could destroy him.

For Frankie James, old habits die hard. One thing’s for sure, playing with this gang is no game. But with everything at stake, how can Frankie say no?

Double Kiss is the fast-paced, thrilling sequel to Framed, by snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan

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Ronnie's first crime novel draws on his early years playing in seedy Soho snooker clubs, a world of gangsters and bent coppers he writes about with uncomfortable authenticity.
Choice (Framed)
Packed with intrigue, action, brutal villains and a beguiling hero, this is a cracking first novel delivered with all the sidespin and clever swerves one would expect from the king of the trick shots!
Lancashire Evening Post (Framed)
Like O’Sullivan playing at his best, the book is tight, pacey and keeps you guessing.
The Big Issue (Framed)