Far Horizon

Tony Park

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01 August 2017
400 pages

Far Horizon by Tony Park, the author of Red Earth, is a full-throttle international thriller that will engross fans of Clive Cussler.

Mike Williams is leading a supposedly carefree life as an overland tour guide in Africa. But just a year ago, the former Australian Army officer had endured the brutal death of his girlfriend at the hands of ivory hunters in Mozambique.

Now the South African Police are on the murderers' trail and need Mike's help. But he has a truckload of tourists who have no idea what has been asked of him . . . although one passenger has her suspicions.

Following a chase through some of Africa's most spectacular locations, Mike gets his shot at revenge . . . but at what cost?

For lovers of great African adventure . . . Tony Park has become required reading

Daily Telegraph

Break-neck in pace, with narrow escapes from death on every page

Daily Mail

A bang up-to-date thriller which also reveals one of the lesser-known wildlife crimes in Africa

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