Take a trip to the Park or the Farm in Campbell Books’ brand new series, My First Touch and Find! 

These gently educational, tactile books are ideal for young babies aged 6-18 months. Each page has a touch and feel patch and a large flap to lift and explore! 


There are lots of exciting textures for baby to engage with – in Park, feel the shiny slide, a furry dog and look out for a frog in a pond, and in Farm  feel the sheep's woolly fleece, the goat's shaggy fur and the pig's leathery skin.


Why do touch and feel books resonate so much with babies? Here are our top three reasons: 

  1. Helps develop sensory awareness – babies first learn to explore the world around them through the sensation of touching. These books are perfect to encourage their use of senses and will spark curiosity in them to explore new things and the world around them.
  2. Increases vocabulary - the touch & feel format increases your child’s vocabulary by allowing them to associate the texture they feel with the word it describes. 
  3. Makes book reading fun – these engaging books encourage loads of interaction through the touch & feel panels and oversized flaps. Making reading time fun helps instil a love of books for life which will be invaluable to your child as they grow older. 

With touch & feel panels and something to spot or count on every page, each colourful book in the My First Touch and Find series will benefit older babies and toddlers, and provide lots of fun! Stay tuned for two new releases in July 2018, Sea and Zoo!

Collect all the titles in this series today!