The cover look for ABYSS BEYOND DREAMS (book one, see right. . .) was bold, compelling and a wonderful depiction of the drama that lay within its pages. So we've been on absolute tenterhooks waiting for the next one . . . and here it is! See below for the NIGHT WITHOUT STARS cover visual!

I'm delighted to reveal this artwork in all its explosive, fiery glory. Larry Rostant has done us proud. This is of course book two of a duology, and I love the way this cover echoes the book one look, to create some dramatic symmetry. And I can't remember the last time I had to brief a science fictional cover with 'definitely NO stars' - for obvious reasons (!) - but the result is glorious. Now all you need to do is anticipate the heart-pounding, page-turning excitement of the book - on 22nd September this year. I absolutely demolished the book in just a few days, in a frenzy of 'must know what happens'.  It's one worth waiting for.

Here's a teaser on the plot, with the cover below:
The planet of Bienvenido is on its own, isolated from the rest of the universe. And it’s waging war against the ruthless Fallers, aliens which have evolved to conquer whole worlds. Kysandra is leading an underground resistance, aided by biological enhancements that give her a crucial edge. But she fears she’s fighting a losing battle. This is especially as the government hampers her efforts at every turn, blinded by crippling technophobia and prejudices against enhanced 'Eliter' humans. However, if the resistance and government can’t work together, humanity on this planet will face extinction – for the Fallers are organizing a final, decisive invasion. Bienvenido badly needs outside help. But the Commonwealth, with all its technological expertise, has been lost to them for generations. Desperate times will call for desperate measures, or humanity on Bienvenido will not survive.