The Baker's Daughter

Timeless recipes from four generations of bakers

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Louise Johncox comes from a long line of bakers and confectioners. As a child she would sit on a flour tin at her father's side and eat whatever was fresh from the oven - a hot bread roll or a fluffy piece of sponge - and when her father, a master baker, retired, Louise decided it was time to capture his wisdom and baking expertise, writing down his recipes for the first time and preserving his magical legacy for her children.

With a Foreword by Albert Roux, The Baker's Daughter weaves Louise's delightful childhood memories of life in her family tea shop with her father's recipes, honed by over forty years of instinct and experience. From classic cream cakes and traditional buns, to celebration cakes, handcrafted chocolates and her father's signature cream meringues, these recipes come laden with the sights, smells and warmth of the tea room and bakehouse.

Louise shares more stories about her family teashop in her ebook memoir A Life Shaped By Cakes: The Memoir of The Baker's Daughter.

'An affectionate memoir that will both entertain with stories from a bygone world of tea and cakes and inspire people to bake' Albert Roux, OBE, KFO

An enchanting story of Eccles cakes, doughnuts and how a grieving daughter kept her adored father's memory alive
Daily Mail
Covers every favourite that has ever tempted in a bakery window - from treacle tart and tea cakes to rock cakes, Black Forest gateau and Viennese fingers. If making cakes to show off at the village fete, or simply to delight your children, this is the go-to book

About Louise Johncox

Louise Johncox is a freelance writer and journalist who has written for the The Times, Telegraph and Guardian newspapers. She completed her PhD in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. Louise hails from a long family line of bakers and pastry chefs. She lives in Surrey and two children, Lara and Joe.

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Books by Louise Johncox

A Life Shaped by Cakes
A Life Shaped by Cakes

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