Childhood's End

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Publication date: 07.05.2010
ISBN: 9780330514019
Number of pages: 272


Earth has become a Utopia, guided by a strange unseen people from outer space whose staggering powers have eradicated war, cruelty, poverty and racial inequality. When the 'Overlords' finally reveal themselves, their horrific form makes little impression.

Then comes the sign that the Overlords have been waiting for. A child begins to dream strangely - and develops remarkable powers. Soon this happens to every child - and the truth of the Overlords' mission is finally revealed to the human race. . .

A classic of the science fiction genre, Childhood's End is an intelligent, beautifully written exploration of what it means to be human from the inimitable Arthur C. Clarke. Now adapted as a three-part miniseries on Sky.

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As a science fiction writer, Clarke has all the essentials
The New Yorker
Frighteningly logical, believable, and grimly prophetic . . . Clarke is a master
Los Angeles Times
Nobody has done more in the way of enlightened prediction than Arthur C. Clarke
Isaac Asimov