Ages 6-8

These stories for independent readers, non-fiction books, poetry books and more are all perfect for young readers aged 6-8. Find more ideas for rainy day activities for kids of all ages here. 

48 books available
  1. Book cover for Beasts and Monsters

    Beasts and Monsters

    Anthony Horowitz

  2. Book cover for Battles and Quests

    Battles and Quests

    Anthony Horowitz

  3. Book cover for The Ogre of Oglefort

    The Ogre of Oglefort

    Eva Ibbotson

  4. Book cover for Not Just a Witch

    Not Just a Witch

    Eva Ibbotson

  5. Book cover for The Great Ghost Rescue

    The Great Ghost Rescue

    Eva Ibbotson

  6. Book cover for Which Witch?

    Which Witch?

    Eva Ibbotson

  7. Book cover for Dial a Ghost

    Dial a Ghost

    Eva Ibbotson

  8. Book cover for The Secret of Platform 13

    The Secret of Platform 13

    Eva Ibbotson

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