Released on 11 January 2018.

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Girl in Snow

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11 January 18
553 mins
Candace Thaxton, Jacques Roy, Kirby Heyborne


Who are you when no one is watching?

When beloved high school student Lucinda Hayes is found murdered, no one in her sleepy Colorado suburb is untouched – not the boy who loved her too much; not the girl who wanted her perfect life; not the police officer assigned to investigate. In the aftermath of the tragedy, these three unforgettable characters – Cameron, Jade, and Russ – must each confront their darkest secrets in an effort to find solace, the truth, or both.

In crystalline prose, Danya Kukafka explores the razor-sharp line between love and obsession, between watching and seeing, between reality and memory. Intoxicating and emotionally intense, Girl in Snow is a gripping debut novel that will linger long after the final page is turned.

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This brooding and intense thriller will plunge readers into a dark world they may not want to enter - but they may be unable to tear themselves free . . . gives readers a different look into the idyllic, small-town life, and how not everything is as it appears on the surface
Combining elements of Bill Clegg’s Did You Ever Have a Family with Dennis Lehane’s contemporary classic Mystic River, Danya Kukafka’s debut novel is an intricate, seductive murder mystery, in which a single awful crime exposes conflicts and traumas in an entire community . . . Told largely over the course of a few winter days following Lucinda’s murder, Girl in Snow unfolds through deftly alternating chapters, through the eyes of many different characters . . . each of these lives paints a vivid, compelling canvas . . . Girl in Snow is not just an impressive debut but one of the best literary mysteries to come along in some time
A must-read . . . suspenseful and thrilling . . . an unforgettable first novel you won't want to miss
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