Book cover for Maybe I Don't Belong Here

Maybe I Don't Belong Here



02 September 2021
522 minutes
Imprint: Bluebird


One of the best books on mental health, race, Britain and the thrill of acting I have ever read. You will fall in love with the miraculous David Harewood as he grows up, stumbles, falls and rises in triumph. This incredible, touching and inspiring story will change lives.
David Harewood writes with rare honesty and fearless self-analysis about his experiences of racism and what ultimately led to his descent into psychosis at the age of twenty-three. With equal candour, David plots the story of his recovery. This book is, in itself, a physical manifestation of that hopeful journey.
Heartwarming, eye-opening, gut-wrenching... Maybe I Don’t Belong Here shines a light on the interplay between race, identity and mental well-being with tremendous moral courage.
I feel like I gained a friend in these pages. It’s a book that is written with honesty and humanity... I learned a little more about what it means to be black, a black man, a black British man who has struggled with mental health and grown as a result. It’s a testament to his resilience, vulnerability and humility that we can all learn from.