Pippo and Clara

Diana Rosie

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04 February 2021
336 pages

'A powerful story, sweetly told' – Antonio Iturbe, author of The Librarian of Auschwitz

A country torn apart by war. Two siblings divided by fate.

Italy, 1938. Mussolini is in power and war is not far away . . .

Clara and Pippo are just children: quiet, thoughtful Clara is the older sister; Pippo, the younger brother, is forever chatting. The family has only recently arrived in the city carrying their few possessions.

When Mamma goes missing early one morning, both Clara and Pippo go in search of her. Clara turns right; Pippo left.

As a result of the choices they make that morning, their lives will be changed forever.

Diana Rosie’s Pippo and Clara tells the story of a family and a country divided. But will Clara and Pippo – and their mother – find each other again?

An absorbing story of a brother and sister separated by troubled times in an Italy torn between fascination and hatred of fascism . . . A powerful story sweetly told

Antonio Iturbe, author of The Librarian of Auschwitz

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