Out on 15 September 2020

How I Built This

Guy Raz

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15 September 2020
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Based on the number one business rated podcast, How I Built This with Guy Raz, is a manual for success offering priceless insights and inspiration from the world’s top entrepreneurs on how to start, launch, and build a successful business.

Award-winning journalist Guy Raz has interviewed more than 200 entrepreneurs from across the globe to uncover the amazing true stories behind their success. In How I Built This, Guy Raz shares lessons for every entrepreneur’s journey: from the early days of formulating your idea, to raising money and recruiting employees, to fending off competitors, to finally paying yourself a real salary.

For anyone who has ever wondered how the best became the best - and wants to join them - How I Built This offers a step-by-step guide as to every turn, success, set back and challenge that entrepreneurs face, and equips every would-be entrepreneur with the map and compass for navigating the unexpected path to success. This is a must-read for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting their own business or wondered how trailblazing entrepreneurs made their own dreams a reality.

Along the way, readers will learn how:

* The founders of Airbnb bootstrapped long enough to turn their business into a success.
* James Dyson learnt from his mistakes to protect what he had built
* Reed Hastings developed the unique company culture at Netflix.
* Five Guys burger chain harnessed the power of word of mouth.
* What Tim Brown's Allbirds trainers in New Zealand can teach us about the value of the mantra: iterate, iterate, iterate

A must-read for anyone who wants to start a business, grow a business, or be inspired by those who do.

Adam Grant, author of Originals

Guy Raz is supremely himself in this guide for aspiring entrepreneurs: brilliantly perceptive, incessantly curious, infectiously energetic and above all, a master storyteller.

Angela Duckworth, author of Grit

If only this book would have come out years ago, building my business would have been so much simpler. At least we have it now!

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why