Jason Elliot

Jason Elliot is the author of two books of travel writing, both published by Picador, and lives in London.

An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan (1999) is now widely acknowledged as the most influential contemporary work of Afghanistan. Winner of the Thomas Cook/Daily Telegraph Travel Book Award in the UK and a New York Times Bestseller in the USA, it recounts the author’s daring and passionate investigation into an extraordinary culture, first as a clandestine guest of the mujaheddin during the Soviet occupation, and ten years later during the Taleban advance on the besieged capital, Kabul.

Mirrors of the Unseen (2006) draws on three years of travel and research to offer a rare and timely portrait of Iran, introducing us to the sublime architecture of Isfahan, the forests of the north, the bleak landscapes of Kurdistan and the urban contradictions of the capital, Tehran. An exploration of Iran’s immensely rich heritage and a personal enquiry into the nature of Persian and Islamic art. It is a book rich in detail, wit and discovery.

Books by Jason Elliot