Lucky Stars 7: The Christmas Wish

Illustrated by Karen Donnelly

Ages 5 to 9
25 October 2012
128 pages


After meeting sparkly Stella Starkeeper and completing six tasks, Cassie is now a Lucky Star, someone who can grant wishes to those who deserve them, but now the world of the stars needs her help. The Winter Star has stopped shining and Cassie must spread Christmas cheer to make it glow brightly again. She uses her magic to make it snow, and soon all the children in Astral-on-Sea are having a great time building snowmen and sledging! But then the Christmas Fair is cancelled as the roads are blocked. All Cassie's friends are upset - everyone has worked so hard to make this year's fair extra special. And then there's a puppy who's lost in the snow . . .

Cassie must save the puppy and rescue the Christmas Fair! Having magical powers is fun, as long as Cassie learns to be careful what she wishes for.