Ken Smith

Ken Smith has had a lifelong love of wilderness and exploration. As a young man, he worked as a farm hand and labourer, untill 1975 when he moved to Yukon, Canada. On his return, Ken took to wandering across the British Isles, settling at Treig to resolve his grief and build a new life.

Will Millard is a writer, BBC presenter, public speaker and expedition leader. Born and brought up in the Fens, he presents remote Anthropology and Adventure series for BBC Two, and a series on Rivers, Urban Exploration and History for BBC Wales. In 2019 his series My Year with the Tribe won the Realscreen award for Travel and Exploration. His first book The Old Man and the Sand Eel follows his wild journey across Britain in pursuit of a fishing record. He has also ghosted many projects and written for numerous national and international magazines and newspapers, including BBC News, Daily Telegraph, Vice, Guardian, Geographical and Outer Edge.

Books by Ken Smith