Out on 25 February 2021


Kiare Ladner

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25 February 2021
300 minutes

Nightshift by Kiare Ladner is a story of obsession set in London’s liminal world of nightshift workers.

When twenty-three-year-old Meggie meets distant and enigmatic Sabine, she recognizes in her the person she would like to be. Giving up her daytime existence and the trappings of a normal life in favour of working the same nightshifts as Sabine, Meggie will plunge herself into a nihilistic existence that will see her gradually immerse herself in the transient and uncertain world of the nightshift worker.

Dark, sexy, frightening, prescient, Nightshift explores ambivalent female friendship, sexual attraction and lives that defy easy categorization. London’s stark urban reality is rendered other-wordly and strange as Meggie’s sleep deprivation, drinking and obsession for Sabine gain a momentum all of their own.