Marc Wortman

Marc Wortman is an award-winning freelance writer whose work has appeared in numerous magazines. His interest in World War I aviation began with a childhood fascination with the heroes, romance and lore of a long-ago military era, through histories and biographies as well as popular culture, including early films and the beloved Snoopy and the Red Baron battles in the Peanuts cartoons. He has read widely in the history of war, especially World War I, and 20th century American history and culture. As a writer and editor affiliated with Yale, he came to know the historic world of the American WASP Establishment with close ties to the University and began to research their involvements in American wars, which led led him to the untold story of the Yale Unit. Wortman attended Brown University and received a doctorate in comparative literature from Princeton University where he taught literature and writing. He also taught in a college programme for inmates at the maximum security Rahway State Prison in New Jersey. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut, with his wife and two children.

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