Codependent No More

Melody Beattie

13 April 2023
523 pages


Have you lost sight of yourself while addressing the needs of others?
Is someone else's problem your problem?

Fully revised and updated, with a new chapter on trauma and anxiety, this modern classic – that has already sold over 7 million copies across the globe – will help you heal and grow.

If, like so many others, you've lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to a loved one's self-destructive behaviour, you may be codependent – and you may find yourself in this book.

A cultural phenomenon that has helped heal millions of readers, this modern classic holds the key to understanding codependency and unlocking its hold on your life. Melody Beattie's compassionate and insightful look into codependency – the concept of losing oneself in the name of helping another – has helped to guide millions of readers towards the understanding that they are powerless to change anyone but themselves and that caring for the self is where healing begins.

With personal reflections, exercises, and instructive stories drawn from Beattie's own life and the lives of those she's counselled, Codependent No More will help you break old patterns and maintain healthy boundaries, and offers a clear and achievable path to healing, hope, freedom and happiness.

This revised edition includes an all-new chapter on trauma and anxiety – subjects Beattie has long felt need to be addressed within the context of codependency – making it even more relevant today than it was when it first entered the international conversation over thirty-five years ago.

If you have been around me for a minute, you have heard me absolutely rave about a book called Codependent No More, it changed my life. I don’t say that often and I don’t say that lightly… Besides my wonderful therapist, the best teacher I have encountered, the one who has led me the absolute most in this, is Melody Beattie.
A pioneering voice in self-help literature
Melody Beattie is an American phenomenon . . . she understands being overboard, which helps her throw best-selling lifelines to those still adrift