Book cover for Saving H'non – Chang and the Elephant

Saving H'non – Chang and the Elephant

Ages 7 to 11



25 May 2023
128 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


Packed with Zdung’s breathtaking traditional manga illustrations, which use pencils, watercolours, ink and other digital devices to create works of beauty and innovation, this moving graphic novel provides inspiration for all young conservationists who have ambitions of their own to help endangered wildlife around the globe.
The manga-esque illustrations—including Chang’s notes about the flora and fauna of Yok Dôn—are lush and informative, rewarding close examination. Fans of Saving Sorya (2021) will be gratified to see Chang continue to fight for the animals she loves. The empathy and perseverance on display make this as beautiful an animal rights book as readers will ever see.
An exceptionally well-done story that is informative, intricately and delightfully detailed, and brimming with jaw-dropping art. Highly recommended.