Scattered Showers

Rainbow Rowell

Illustrated by Jim Tierney

Age 12 +
08 November 2022
288 pages


Rainbow Rowell has won fans all over the world by writing about love and life in a way that feels true. In her first short story collection Scattered Showers, she gives us nine beautifully crafted love stories - wrapped in a beautiful hardback gift package including two-colour illustrations and sprayed edges. Illustrated throughout by Jim Tierney.

Girl meets boy camping outside a movie theater. Best friends debate the merits of high school dances. A prince romances a troll. A girl romances an imaginary boy. And Simon Snow himself returns for a holiday adventure.

It’s a feast of irresistible characters, hilarious dialogue, and masterful storytelling, in short, everything you’d expect from a Rainbow Rowell book.

A playful mash-up of new fare and fan favorites for Rowell completists, and an inviting introduction for new readers.
The remarkable Rowell offers readers a generous serving of nine exemplary short stories that are, from the first to the last, romances of a sort… the appeal of these enchanting stories is universal, and their publication provides an occasion for celebration. Lots of love has gone into the bookmaking as well, with the text printed in teal and aubergine, interior illustrations, a ribbon bookmark, and stained page edges all creating an appealing package. Best-selling and beloved, Rowell’s writing will entice readers to the library in droves, whatever the weather.
Rowell offers more of what she does best: character-driven stories interlaced with a healthy dose of nerdiness and a little sappy indulgence thrown in as a treat. It’s easy to get swept up in these tales and root so passionately for the protagonists that it almost hurts, but readers will close the covers feeling satisfied...A treat.