The Fund

Rob Copeland

09 November 2023
773 pages


'The most explosive, mind-blowing business book I've ever read' – Bradley Hope, New York Times bestselling author of Billion Dollar Whale

'Jaw-dropping . . . well-told, well-structured and exquisitely reported'Financial Times book review

Discover the unauthorized, unvarnished story of famed Wall Street hedge-fund manager Ray Dalio.

When Ray Dalio, billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, announced in October 2022 that he was stepping down from the company he founded forty-seven years ago, the news made headlines around the world. Dalio achieved worldwide fame thanks to a mystique of success cultivated in frequent media appearances, celebrity hobnobbing, and his bestselling book, Principles. In The Fund, Rob Copeland draws on hundreds of interviews with those inside and around the firm to reveal what really goes on with Dalio and his cohorts behind closed doors.

Tracing more than fifty years of Dalio's leadership, The Fund peels back the curtain to reveal a rarefied world of wealth and power, where former FBI director Jim Comey kisses Dalio's ring, recent Pennsylvania Senate candidate David McCormick sells out, and countless Bridgewater acolytes describe what it's like to work at this fascinating firm.

Dalio has stepped down from Bridgewater before; will the legacy of his Principles continue to chart the course of the firm? The Fund provides unique insight into the story of Dalio and Bridgewater, past, present and future.

'A taut, nonfiction thriller' – Bryan Burrough, bestselling author of Barbarians at the Gate

'Manages to both shock and entertain at the same time' – Philipp Meyer, bestselling author of American Rust and The Son

The most explosive, mind-blowing business book I've ever read - and the most fun, too
At last, the era of the billionaire philosopher-king has a defining book. The Fund is a taut, nonfiction thriller
A classic American story about the most famous man on Wall Street - or the person he seems to be. The Fund manages to both shock and entertain at the same time