White Fire

Adam Hamdy

31 August 2023
384 pages


An ex-MI6 agent driven to avenge a tragic death.

A radical environmental group determined to avert climate catastrophe.

A lone outsider with the power to devastate the world.

Scott Pearce has torn up the espionage rulebook to overcome those spreading division and hate, but radical environmental group White Fire is a new kind of enemy posing a new kind of threat.

With everything on the line, Pearce discovers links to an old enemy thought long defeated, and as the danger rises, he realises he and his team, Leila Nahum and Kyle Wollerton, have underestimated the fight ahead.

As the conspiracy that links Black 13 and Red Wolves emerges from the shadows, the team has one chance to avert a global catastrophe that could disable the world permanently . . .

Packed with tension and pace, White Fire is the third Scott Pearce novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author.

What readers are saying about White Fire:

‘If there’s one spy thriller series that sets the bar high for thrilling espionage books, it’s Adam Hamdy’s White Fire’

‘Another fast-paced thriller from Adam. A well plotted novel which keeps you on the edge of you seat

‘Ramps up to a wholly satisfying climax’

Praise for the Scott Pearce series:

'Introduces readers to . . . Scott Pearce who looks set to become the British Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher. A stunning book deserving huge success' – Daily Express

'A kinetic ride' Financial Times

‘Intelligent, globe-trotting adventure thriller’ – C. M. Ewan, author of The House Hunt

'Hamdy creates smart adrenaline-charged action scenes'The Times'

'Move over Jason Bourne, Scott Pearce is in town . . . A breathless rollercoaster of a ride' – Fiona Cummins, author of Into the Dark

Ever inventive, ever surprising, Hamdy is fast carving a name as one of the most intelligent and gripping thriller writers of our time
Hamdy creates smart adrenaline-charged action scenes
Adam Hamdy has created a unique protagonist in Scott Pearce. Muscular prose, a pace that doesn’t let up and a setting that feels disturbingly close to the truth make for a thrilling read.