Book cover for The Grumpus

The Grumpus

Ages 5 to 9



29 September 2022
211 minutes
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


Gorgeous to read with the children leading up to the big day, this is a future festive classic.
Little ones will love this festive tale about a grumpy monster and his dastardly plan to stop Christmas.
A genuinely hilarious, sweet story that has all the makings of a Christmas classic. Our six-year-old was regularly in bits as we worked our way through the chapters, while the amazing illustrations brought the story to life perfectly. This was a book we genuinely couldn’t wait to get stuck into each night and we’re already looking forward to hearing what the Grumpus gets up to next.
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a spectacularly illustrated story by Alex T. Smith. This year's is about a latter-day Grinch intent on sabotaging the season. Things turn out quite Christmas Carol - but funnier.