The Grumpus

Alex T. Smith

Ages 3-5
29 September 2022
211 pages


From Alex T. Smith, bestselling author of the Claude series and How Winston Delivered Christmas, comes a fantastically festive Christmas adventure about a gorgeous grumpy character. Inspired by The Krampus and with a hint of The Grinch, The Grumpus is a heartwarming story that celebrates the true meaning of Christmas, the perfect story for all the family to enjoy together.

Do you know about The Grumpus?

And his Dastardly, Dreadful Christmas Plan? And about the Awful Thing that happened at the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

Perhaps I should tell you about it . .

This heartwarming story follows the adventures of an unlikely hero as he journeys to the North Pole, unwittingly and somewhat reluctantly making lots of new friends along the way.

Gorgeous to read with the children leading up to the big day, this is a future festive classic.
Little ones will love this festive tale about a grumpy monster and his dastardly plan to stop Christmas.
A genuinely hilarious, sweet story that has all the makings of a Christmas classic. Our six-year-old was regularly in bits as we worked our way through the chapters, while the amazing illustrations brought the story to life perfectly. This was a book we genuinely couldn’t wait to get stuck into each night and we’re already looking forward to hearing what the Grumpus gets up to next.