Book cover for A Taste of Gold and Iron

A Taste of Gold and Iron



01 September 2022
1103 minutes
Imprint: Tor


A delicious tangle of romance, fealty and dangerous politics
A Taste of Gold and Iron is a slow-burn romance flush with sexy, complicated relationships, founded on the ethics of duty and love. As indulgent and satisfying as your favourite fan fiction
Witty, clever, and often extremely funny, Rowland's tale of a prince who doesn't want power but has it anyway – and must survive all the risks that brings with it – somehow manages to be both soft and hard-edged, clever and kind. And sexy! Very much that too
This book gleams and sparkles with emotion and sensory detail, showcasing the richness of Rowland's created world. It's a hugely satisfying blend of economic intrigue, vivid characters, and slow-burn romance – and it's also, frequently, funny as hell