Not only is Danielle Steel the world’s bestselling living author, but she’s also the author most borrowed from libraries in the UK. She’s written over 150 books, all of which are still in print, and 25 of her novels have been adapted into films. If you’re new to her books and are unsure where to start, look no further. And if you’re already a fan, here’s what’s coming next.


In this interview Danielle discusses her career and her writing process:


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Three generations of women share a story that stretches throughout the two World Wars and across time. Amidst the unease of Europe in 1915, Beata falls in love with a young French officer. But as the years pass she watches, horrified, as Europe descends into the hell of another war. Friends and family disappear and her daughter Amadea is forced into hiding before she begins taking on dangerous missions behind enemy lines . . .



The Kiss

Isabella has long been in a loveless relationship with her Parisian banker husband, but finds secret joy in her long-distance friendship with Bill Robinson. When they arrange to meet in London, they realise their feelings run deeper than friendship and share their first kiss, but then tragedy strikes . . .



Toxic Bachelors

One summer three charming, successful friends get together on a luxury yacht, each with their own deep-seated issues around women and relationships. But by autumn their lives will be rocked, and each man will have fallen into a relationship he didn’t see coming.



The House

When Sarah, a brilliant but sensible lawyer, walks through a house that years before was built by a wealthy man for the woman he adored, she is drawn to the building in a way she can’t explain. Using an unexpected inheritance she buys and renovates the old mansion, and as relationships end and new relationships begin Sarah discovers a future she never thought possible.



Dating Game

Paris Armstrong thought she had a perfect life - a lovely home, grown up children and a happy marriage - until her husband demanded a divorce. Now her husband is marrying a younger new woman, and Paris is back in the dating game. Moving across the country for a new start, Paris discovers a whole world of single men and amazing friends.