Lucy Diamond’s books in order

If you’ve yet to read one of Lucy’s novels, or are looking for your next read, here are all Lucy Diamond’s books in order of publication.

Lucy Diamond has never been afraid to try something new, as she tells us here, but it was when she decided to take an evening class in creative writing that everything changed. She was inspired to write a longer piece of fiction, which eventually became her first novel, Any Way You Want Me. She has now written fifteen novels, including her classic bestseller The Beach Cafe, which are loved for their warm, witty stories of family, friends and love. Whether you’re already a fan, or you’re wondering where to start, here are all of Lucy Diamond’s books in order of publication.

What is Lucy Diamond's latest book?

The Promise

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for The Promise

This unforgettable book from Lucy Diamond is about finding love, hope and joy in even the darkest of times. When Dan’s brother dies suddenly, Dan promises to support his grieving sister-in-law Zoe and her young children, to ensure their happiness and to live up to the man his brother was. But then a secret comes to light that makes Dan reconsider everything he knew about his older brother. Should he tell his family the truth, or let his brother’s secrets become his own? 

What are all of Lucy Diamond's books in order of publication?

An Almost Perfect Holiday

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for An Almost Perfect Holiday

It’s time for the summer holidays, and in Cornwall Lorna’s cottages are fully booked. Three women have planned what they hope will be the perfect getaways, but not everything goes quite to plan.

Em has planned a holiday with her new boyfriend Greg, but with their children coming along, can their romance survive? Maggie is hoping a holiday will help fix her relationship with her daughter, but then her ex turns up out of the blue . . . And Olivia is looking for an escape, but the past always catches up with her. Will this holiday be a scorcher, or just too hot to handle?

Something to Tell You

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Something to Tell You

When Frankie finds a letter from her late mother she’s delighted, until she reads it and finds out the secret of her birth. In search of further answers, she travels to York, home of the Mortimer family, but her appearance shocks them all, and the family has problems of their own. Secrets are revealed and loyalties tested as the Mortimers face up to some difficult truths. Love, betrayal and dramatic revelations mean this will be a summer they’ll never forget.

On a Beautiful Day

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for On a Beautiful Day

On a beautiful day in Manchester, four friends meet for a birthday lunch. But when they witness a shocking accident just metres from the restaurant, it will have repercussions for them all. This novel about the startling and unexpected turns life can take is full of friendship, togetherness and hope.

The House of New Beginnings

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for The House of New Beginnings

This moving and uplifting novel is the story of three tenants in a Regency house in Brighton, and how they have more in common than they know . . .

Rosa is starting a new life as a sous chef after a shocking revelation. Georgie is throwing herself into a new career as a journalist and all the fun the city has to offer but is hurtling towards trouble. And Charlotte is coping with a devastating loss. As the women come together, friendships are built and new chapters unfold.

The Secrets of Happiness

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for The Secrets of Happiness

Stepsisters Rachel and Becca live very different lives, with little in common. Rachel is happily married with a big house, three children and a successful career, while artistic Becca bounces from job to job, shares a tiny flat and has given up on love entirely. The two have lost touch, but then Rachel disappears, and when Becca is called in to help she quickly realises Rachel’s life isn’t quite as perfect as it appears. As Becca begins to untangle Rachel’s secrets, she’s forced to take an uncomfortable look at her own life.

Summer at Shell Cottage

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Summer at Shell Cottage

The Tarrant family have always looked forward to their seaside escapes at Shell Cottage in Devon. But this year everything is different.

Olivia is struggling to hold it together after the recent death of her husband, and that’s before she makes a shocking discovery that turns her world upside down.

Freya is a busy mum and GP, and just one bad day at work has put her career in jeopardy, while Harriet is looking forward to a peaceful break with her husband and teenage daughter but, unknown to her, they’re both hiding secrets . . .

The Year of Taking Chances

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for The Year of Taking Chances

Gemma and Spencer Bailey are throwing a New Year’s Eve house party to remember. At the party are Caitlin, back in the village to pack up her much-missed mum’s house and decide where her life is going, and Saffron, a PR executive with a big secret. As the women bond over cocktails, they vow to make the coming year their best yet. As the year unfolds the three women find themselves tested by family, work, love and home. They are all forced to rethink their lives, but are they brave enough to take a chance on something new?

One Night in Italy

Book cover for One Night in Italy

A new class of students hopes to find out if Italian really is the language of love in this charming, funny and heartwarming novel.

Anna has recently found out that the father she’s never met is Italian, and she’s determined to learn the language so she can go to Italy to find him. Catherine is trying to put her life back together after her cheating husband left her, and Sophie, the class teacher, would much rather be back in sunny Sorrento. As the evening class progresses friendships are formed, love blossoms, and secrets from Italy begin to emerge.

Me and Mr Jones

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Me and Mr Jones

Izzy, Alicia and Emma are women in love with three very different brothers. Izzy wants a new start by the sea,but flirtatious Charlie Jones is complicating things. Alicia has been happily married to loyal Hugh for years, but is craving some excitement. Emma’s relationship with David was once full of fun and romance, but parenthood has taken its toll – and temptation is just around the corner. The three women are thrown together as the future of the family B&B comes under threat – and it’s not easy keeping up with the Joneses!

Summer With My Sister

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Summer With My Sister

Polly has always been the successful, glamorous sister, while Claire is a struggling single mum who can barely make ends meet. The two are living different lives and barely even speaking to each other, until Polly’s world unexpectedly comes crashing down. When she’s forced to move back to the village where she and Claire grew up, the two sisters find themselves living together again for the first time in years. Sparks will fly – unless they find they have more in common than they thought . . .

The Beach Cafe

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for The Beach Cafe

Lucy Diamond’s classic bestseller is a story of new beginnings, love and adventure. Evie Flynn is the black sheep of the family, a dreamer and drifter completely unlike her successful older sisters. She’s stuck working as a temp, with a sensible-but-boring boyfriend, when her beloved aunt Jo dies suddenly in a car crash. Jo leaves Evie an unusual legacy – her precious beach cafe in Cornwall. Evie is determined to make a success of the cafe, and her life, and relocates. But she gets more than she bargained for, in work and in love . . .

Fans of The Beach Cafe will love the follow up short stories A Baby at the Beach Cafe, Christmas at the Beach Cafe and Christmas Gifts at the Beach Cafe.

Sweet Temptation

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Sweet Temptation

In this funny and sharply observed novel, Maddie is getting it from all sides. Her new boss at the radio station insults her figure live on air, her mum keeps dropping not-so-subtle hints about losing weight and her kids are embarrassed after her performance in the mums’ race at the school sports day. When she joins the local weight-watching group she meets two unlikely friends in Leanne, a bitter divorcee who runs a dating agency, and Jess, who is desperate to fit into a size ten dress for her wedding day.

Hens Reunited

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Hens Reunited

Katie, Georgia and Alice were at each other’s hen nights, but now their marriages have fallen apart and their friendships are under strain. Katie has become a commitment-phobe, and another marriage is absolutely not on her radar . . . Georgia is ambitious and always puts her career first. It’s not her fault if anyone gets hurt in the process. And Alice is trying to move on from her cheating ex – and Georgia’s betrayal. Can the hens ever be reunited?

Over You

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Over You

This compelling story of friendship pushed to its limits sees friends Josie, Nell and Lisa reunited for the first time in five years. They were flatmates and best friends in their twenties, but life has moved on. Josie is married with kids in the suburbs, free-spirited Nell has been travelling the world, and Lisa is busy building her career. Josie thinks a reunion weekend in London will be great fun – until she discovers something that will change her life forever.

Any Way You Want Me

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for Any Way You Want Me

Any Way You Want Me is a wry, funny story of infidelity, motherhood and friends reunited, with a wonderful twist. Sadie has it all – the partner, the children and the house – but she misses her old life when she was a hard-partying career woman. When she creates a glamorous fictional online personality for herself, it’s just a bit of fun. But soon truth and fantasy become dangerously entwined. Is her online alter ego the person she really wants to be?