Seven books about new beginnings

January is the perfect time for a fresh start. Here are some of our favourite books about turning over a new leaf to begin your year.

On A Beautiful Day

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for On A Beautiful Day

When four friends witness a shocking accident just metres away from them, it acts as a catalyst for them all to make a change in their lives. On a Beautiful Day is a book about the startling and unexpected turns life can take, and about friendship, togetherness and hope.

The new book from Lucy Diamond publishes in hardback and ebook on 11th January, the perfect read to start your year with.


by Jane Green

Book cover for Falling

After leaving the New York City rat-race for a tiny town in Connecticut, Emma Montague throws herself into restoring the dilapidated cottage she’s traded for her city apartment. In her new town, which a is world away from all she’s ever known, Emma meets Dominic, who is like no man she’s ever fallen for.

Miss You

by Kate Eberlen

Book cover for Miss You

Can one moment change the course of your life forever? Miss You is a love story with a twist - it almost never happens. After a chance meeting in an Italian ice cream shop, it seems Gus and Tess are meant to be, if only life would stop getting in the way. This uplifting novel will have you rooting for them to get together, and for chance to work in their favour… finally.

City of Friends

by Joanna Trollope

Book cover for City of Friends

A story of fresh starts and friendships from bestselling author Joanna Trollope. After losing her high powered job in The City after two decades of working her way up the career ladder, Stacey has no idea what to do next. Luckily, her best friends her at hand to pick her up and help her start over. 

The House of New Beginnings

by Lucy Diamond

Book cover for The House of New Beginnings

When Georgie packs up her life and moves to Brighton with her childhood sweetheart, she's excited for a new start, but when things don't go as planned, she finds her life-changing even more than she had expected. With the help of kindred spirits Rosa and Charlotte, Georgie finds that sometimes change is for the best. This is a heartwarming story, perfect for anyone who has ever wondered ”what if I started all over again?”

Life After Life

by Kate Atkinson

Book cover for Life After Life

A book about new beginnings, with a twist. Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life is an award-winning masterpiece following the lives of Ursula Todd, a child born to a wealthy British family in 1910. Atkinson rewrites Ursula's story over and over again, taking her life on a different path each time.

The Little Shop of Happy Ever After

by Jenny Colgan

Book cover for The Little Shop of Happy Ever After

There’s nothing like a Monday morning commute in the rain to make you wonder if you’d be better off packing it in and moving to the country - right? In this uplifting novel, librarian Nina does just that, swapping her day job for a tiny bookshop bus in the Scottish Highlands. The Little Shop of Happy Ever After is story of a new start and of lots and lots of books - perfect!