Books for 6-8 year olds

Our top books for 6-8 year olds, from beloved classics to exciting new releases. 

6-8 year olds are brilliant. They are becoming bravely independent, drawn more and more to big adventures and ready to show you that they can slay that metaphorical, (or when it comes to books, literal) dragon! Their imagination is wild and wonderful, so what better way to nurture it than with books? Here are the best books for 6-8 year olds, including books for independent reading, new releases, and classic books to help your little adventurer bloom.

The Jeweller's Apprentice

by Axel Scheffler

When jeweller Mr Peacock receives a once-in-a-lifetime job from the Lion Prince, he’s grateful for the help from his new apprentice, a shy chicken. That is until he discovers a startling robbery and that his apprentice has disappeared! A heartwarming new animal fairy tale from Axel Scheffler, The Jeweller’s Apprentice is a story about forgiveness and learning from your mistakes.

The Ogre Who Wasn't

by Michael Morpurgo

Clare isn’t like other princesses. Every minute she can, she escapes the stuffy palace to explore the great outdoors, climb trees and get as muddy as she can, much to the disgust of her nanny. So when a mysterious creature offers her a chance to have the life she dreams of, with just one catch, Clare has a huge choice to make. A funny new fairytale with a twist from an award-winning writer and illustrator duo, The Ogre Who Wasn’t is sure to be loved by children of all ages.

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Princess Mirror-Belle

by Julia Donaldson

From the creators of What the Ladybird Heard comes this collection of six magical Princess Mirror-Belle stories. When Ellen meets Mirror-belle, a mischievous princess who appears out of mirrors and causes havoc, her life turns into a non-stop adventure! Designed to support young readers in developing their confidence when reading independently, the Princess Mirror-Belle books are packed with magic and mischief.

Astrid and the Space Cadets: Attack of the Snailiens!

by Alex T. Smith

By day Astrid Atomic is a normal 6-year-old human. But when she goes to bed at night, she doesn’t stay there sleeping soundly. Instead, she jets off on the spaceship Stardust to explore outer space! A brand new series from the author-illustrator of the Claude series, Astrid and the Space Cadets is an illustrated adventure designed especially for newly confident readers to enjoy independently.

Long Walk to Freedom

by Chris Van Wyk

Nelson Mandela devoted his life to campaigning for freedom and justice in his native South Africa and around the world. Long Walk to Freedom is his incredible and heroic story. Adapted especially for children by poet Chris van Wyk and illustrated by South African artist Paddy Bouma, this book will introduce children to one of the world’s most exceptional leaders.

Max and the Midknights

by Lincoln Peirce

Max dreams of becoming a knight, but he’s too small and definitely not brave enough to make the grade. When his Uncle Budrick is kidnapped by the nasty King Gastly, Max seizes the chance to prove he’s got what it takes to save the realm of Byjovia from peril! Fans of adventure stories will love Max and the Midknights, a hilarious illustrated chapter book from Lincoln Perice, creator of the Big Nate series.

Chicken Run Dawn of the Nugget: The Junior Novel

by Amanda Li

Ginger is back! After escaping from Tweedy’s farm and setting up home with Rocky, their daughter Molly and the rest of the gang, she’s settling into free-range life. But when word reaches her that chicken-kind is facing a new threat, Ginger decides she has to head back to the mainland and rescue her feathered friends. With full-colour illustrations and fantastic facts about the new film, Chicken Run Dawn of the Nugget, this is the ultimate book for fans of the Aardman adventure.

The Queen's Wardrobe

by Kate Hindley

From a little girl born a princess to her seventy-year reign, the late Queen Elizabeth II devoted her life to service. Now, Waterstones Children's Book Prize-winning Julia Golding and illustrator Kate Hindley celebrate her reign through the story of her colourful clothes and beautiful jewellery. This stunning illustrated account of the life of Queen Elizabeth II is a special gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Royal Animals

by Julia Golding

The British Royal family has a connection with animals which goes back almost a thousand years, and this beautiful new illustrated history charts it with fantastic facts and beautiful full-colour illustrations. As they discover the real reason why there are lions on the British crest, and read true animal stories of royal elephants, ravens, parrots, and of course corgis, this beautiful and fascinating royal history will delight any young animal lover. 

My Heart Was a Tree

by Michael Morpurgo

An anthology of poems and stories which celebrate the majesty of trees, My Heart Was a Tree makes a beautiful gift for young nature lovers. Curated by Sir Michael Morpurgo, who was inspired by the need to protect our woodlands, this collection brings together stories from Greek mythology, poems from all over the world, and contemporary accounts that celebrate our connection to nature. With stunning illustrations by Yuval Zommer on every page, this is a book to be cherished.