Investigators: Take the Plunge

John Patrick Green

Ages 7 to 9
16 September 2021
208 pages


Laugh yourself silly with the InvestiGators! Crime-fighting alligators Mango and Brash are back in Take the Plunge – the second full colour comic book adventure by John Patrick Green. Perfect for fans of Dogman and Bunny vs Monkey.

'Fast, fabulous, and fantastically funny' – Jamie Smart, creator of Bunny vs Monkey.

The city is under attack by three dastardly villains! Evil cracker monster Crackerdile is back, a robo–ghost haunts the streets and . . . does that man have a snake arm?

Even worse on top of this crime wave comes. . . an actual wave! A huge flood threatens the city, and the InvestiGators are wrongly blamed for making this big splash. To clear their names Mango and Brash flush themselves down the toilet to find the real culprit! They’ll have to be extra sneaky to solve this mission or they’ll end up in deep water. . .

The InvestiGators series is a hit with readers of all ages and covers positive themes like:

  • Fun teamwork
  • Never giving up
  • Pesky problem–solving

Collect all the books in this hilarious series of graphic novels for kids: InvestiGators, Off the Hook, Ants in our P.A.N.T.S and tons more. And don't miss Agents of S.U.I.T., the spin off series featuring Mango and Brash's colourful coworkers!

Has heaping helpings of surreal alligator action and wordplay gags to keep new readers bent on solving the mystery.
A hilarious ride with great wordplay, bright illustrations and plenty of twists and turns – lots to keep young readers engaged. Keen illustrators will also enjoy Green’s bonus drawing tips to create their own InvestiGators.
In high-intensity colors, straightforward panel artwork by Green (Hippopot­a­mister) offers plenty of slapstick gags to Brash and Mango’s tale. Fast-paced fun for the bad pun and dorky joke crowd.