The InvestiGators books in order

Looking for the next InvestiGators book? Here's our guide to the whole InvestiGators book series in order.

What do you call two awesome alligators who suit-up and investigate crimes? Mango and Brash of course – the undercover ‘InvestiGators’! Join them as they uncover clues, solve mysteries and catch supervillains, with their colourful crew of co-agents. Set out in a fun comic book style, the InvestiGators book series is full of puns, humour and is seriously captivating for kids who love the twists and turns of solving mysteries and catching the bad-guys, as well as exploring teamwork, resilience and problem-solving skills.

And if they can’t get enough, the spin-off graphic novel series Agents of S.U.I.T. follows the InvestiGator’s awesome co-agents, who have set out to crack their own cases. . . perfect for Mango and Brash fans who love the original series. 

Read on to discover all the titles in the InvestiGators book series.

What is the latest book in the InvestiGators series?

InvestiGators: High-Rise Hijinks

Book cover for InvestiGators: High-Rise Hijinks

In a special, never before seen adventure especially for World Book Day, a mysterious figure has robbed the bank – but it’s not just the money that’s gone missing, the whole building has disappeared! – and it’s up to secret agents Mango and Brash to go undercover and solve the mystery. Armed with super hi-tech spy technology, crack the case with Mango and Brash in InvestiGators: High-Rise Hijinks, a laugh-out-loud adventure. 

The InvestiGators books in order


by John Patrick Green

Book cover for InvestiGators

Are you ready to help the InvestiGators Mango and Brash solve crimes from the sewer? Prepare to laugh out loud as you join them on their first mission as they go undercover with their brilliant spy technology, to discover who has kidnapped top chef Gustavo and his recipes. . . and that’s not the only mystery they have to solve! 

InvestiGators: Take the Plunge

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for InvestiGators: Take the Plunge

In their second adventure, the InvestiGators find themselves under attack as their city is flooded – and they catch the blame! But can they find the villain that framed them and put the real bad guy behind bars before the whole city is underwater? With not one, but three villains (including their nemesis, Crackerdile) to capture, this one could get messy!

InvestiGators: Off the Hook

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for InvestiGators: Off the Hook

Crackerdile is back and recruiting a team of supervillains to take down our favourite good-guy spies, Mango and Brash! The next funny-filled InvestiGators book in the series is here, packed with mystery ready to be uncovered. Using their hi-tech Very Exciting Spy Technology (V.E.S.T.s), can the scaly duo save the day? And if they have to choose between saving themselves and catching the bad guys. . . what will they do? 

InvestiGators: Ants in our P.A.N.T.S.

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for InvestiGators: Ants in our P.A.N.T.S.

Uh oh! With Brash trapped in a mysterious coma, how will Mango solve their next puzzle alone? Luckily the crime-fighting pair’s brilliant co-workers have come up with a replacement – RoboBrash – created with Brash’s skills and knowledge. But it seems he has a few glitches. And on top of that, giant ants are taking over the city! Will Mango and RoboBrash alone be enough to stop them? Follow the fourth fun and colourful comic-style book in the InvestiGators series to find out. . .

InvestiGators: Braver and Boulder

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for InvestiGators: Braver and Boulder

The twists, turns (and laughs!) keep coming when it comes to the InvestiGators! The fifth book in the InvestiGators series finds Mango and Brash in a sticky spot, trying to remain undercover while everyone in the city recognises them! But that doesn’t stop them from getting intel on Boulder Buddies – mysterious glowing rocks turning up in the city. Could something from their past be behind it all?

InvestiGators: Heist and Seek

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for InvestiGators: Heist and Seek

The sixth installment of the wildly popular full colour comic book series is here and this time, Mango and Brash are investigating the art scene when some rare paintings go missing. Disguised as internationally renowned painters, will they be able to recover the missing masterpieces, uncover the villian and save the art museum’s fundraising gala? It’s a tough job, but with their skills and awesome co-team of technicians, they might just do it! 

InvestiGators: All Tide Up

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for InvestiGators: All Tide Up

In the seventh InvestiGators book in the series, the InvestiGators take to the high seas to help an incoherent captain drifting out at sea to find his boat. A few questions surround the mystery – did it sink? Where are all the passengers? Are pirates at play? Or did it simply disappear? Mango and Brash must piece the clues together before a second ship goes missing. Can you help them?

Agents of S.U.I.T. books in order

Agents of S.U.I.T.

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for Agents of S.U.I.T.

For fans of the InvestiGators series comes the first in a full colour, hilarious graphic novel series – exploring deeper into the InvestiGators world through the eyes of their talented technicians and co-workers. In the first installment of the Agents of S.U.I.T. series, Cilantro the Chameleon finally gets a shot at her first field assignment. But faced with a sheep-led workers' rights revolt and an alien invasion conspiracy, does she have what it takes to prove herself as an agent?

Agents of S.U.I.T.: From Badger to Worse

by John Patrick Green

Book cover for Agents of S.U.I.T.: From Badger to Worse

In the second book in this laugh-out-loud graphic novel series, Bongo and Marsha, the super-spy Badgers, are on the case . . . and way over-budget! When S.U.I.T.* realizes just how much money the Badgers waste with their gadgets, spy vehicles and custom toys, they’re sent to Bora Bora to investigate. The bees – that’s 'bee-ee-ee' like the insect – who run the resort are hiding something under the tropical sands, and Marsha and Bongo are just the bumbling agents to crack this pineapple-flavored case wide open. It’s time for the B-Team to show why they’re so un-B lievably B-loved!