The Dark Side

Danielle Steel

02 April 2020
336 pages


The Dark Side is a powerful and unsettling novel of motherhood, loss, and the innocence of childhood from the worlds favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel.

Zoe Morgan was just ten years old when her life changed forever. Her sister, Rose, died of a rare illness, her parents turned into people she didn’t know, and Zoe’s lonely childhood drove her to focus only on her studies.

As a graduate of Yale, Zoe takes a leave of absence from medical school to work in a shelter for abused children in New York. There she meets a well-known child advocacy attorney and is bowled over by his charm and dedication to his cause. He is her first love and the man she marries.

Austin and Zoe have a perfect life and feel their family is complete when a baby daughter arrives. But it is only then that the devastating psychological impact of her sister's death comes out – and affects their lives in a way that nobody could ever have imagined.

Will Zoe's obsession with motherhood tear her family apart?