In His Father's Footsteps

Danielle Steel

13 June 2019
432 pages


Lose yourself in In His Father’s Footsteps, Danielle Steel's sweeping historical story of survival, courage, ambition and the bond between three generations of family.

Germany, 1945. As the Americans liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp, among the survivors are teenagers Emmanuelle and Jakob, who fell in love despite the suffering surrounding them. With help, they make their way to New York, resolved to make a new life on the Lower East Side, working at gruelling, poorly paid jobs.

Decades later, Jakob has achieved enormous success, showing his son Max that America is truly the land of opportunity. Max is a Harvard graduate with friends among the wealthiest families in the world, and he chooses a perfect bride to start the perfect American family.

Max’s lavish lifestyle is unimaginable to his cautious, old-world parents. But after the birth of his children, and with a failing marriage, he fears his wife is keeping secrets.

Adrift and afraid, Max must learn what it means to live up to his parents ideals – and discover what is truly important in life.