Dangerous Games

Danielle Steel

14 December 2017
352 pages


One woman risks everything to expose the truth in Danielle Steel's deeply suspenseful drama, the gripping bestseller, Dangerous Games.

TV journalist Alix Phillips is always willing to put herself on the frontline for her job. Driven by her ambition to succeed and her passion for her work, all that matters is getting the story.

After the loss of her husband, only her beloved mother and daughter are allowed to get close. And her cameraman, Ben. Neither of them fears death – but neither can face up to their true feelings for each other.

With rumours circulating of major scandal in the White House, Alix is determined to uncover the truth. This story could blow the corridors of power wide open, and this time Alix is feeling the heat.

But as Alix delves further into the scandal, powerful people want to silence her, targeting her family.

For someone who was never scared, Alix now realizes that the time has come to play some very dangerous games . . .