Expect a Miracle

Danielle Steel

29 October 2020
144 pages


A beautiful collection of inspirational quotes from writers, artists and thinkers, chosen by the world's favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel. These are words to comfort you, to move you, to inspire you, and to make you laugh.

'The right words can bring you back to reality or make you dream, can comfort you when you're in despair or make you laugh out loud. The right words can open your mind or give you hope'.

As a young girl, Danielle began collecting quotations that had special meaning to her – a habit that has stayed with her over the years. In Expect a Miracle, Danielle has compiled some of her favourite quotations, proverbs and sayings to live and love by.

With a heartfelt introduction from Danielle, Expect a Miracle is the perfect road map to life, with grace, courage and humour. Whether you’ve read her books or not, this is a book filled with wisdom for everyone.