Come to Me

Amy Bloom

06 June 2013
192 pages


This stunning collection of stories takes us into the inner worlds of families, the hidden corners of marriages and affairs and friendships, and introduces us to people whose lives are shaken and changed by love: a grieving mother in need of comfort; a frightened father in need of redemption; wives who become mistresses and regret it, or don’t; a psychiatrist crashing through professional boundaries to provide for her husband and son.

Amy Bloom holds her characters close to us as they encounter the everyday mysteries of need and desire, showing us tenderness and humour in the midst of grief and sorrow. She writes the kind of fiction that celebrates the flawed dignity of the human and reminds us all of the fine venture of living in grace and hope in the worlds we are born to and make.

‘This debut collection, human and humorous, is an impressive display . . . Bloom is uncensorious, revelling in the predicaments she has created for her protagonists and their instinct for survival . . . She has great flexibility of narrative voice, whether as a middle-aged furrier in love with a schoolgirl or a young boy who accidentally shoots his cousin with his father’s gun’ The Times
‘Bereavement, moral breakdown and sexual non-conformity are the deep waters into which Amy Bloom plunges in her first book – though causing scarcely a ripple in the smooth narrative surface . . . Bloom’s advice seems to be: whatever it takes to scrape through life, do it – grand gesture or compromise, sex or shopping’ Independent on Sunday
‘Amy Bloom’s debut collection is a book which beckons if it is put down unfinished, and which – although contemporary – provides all the engrossing satisfaction of a nineteenth-century novel’ Guardian