Quentin and Philip

Andrew Barrow

19 August 2011
376 pages


This remarkable double biography celebrates the interlocking lives of two of the greatest eccentrics of the 20th century: the brilliant and bizarre Quentin Crisp and the outlandish Philip O'Connor, whose careers first became entwined in Fitzrovia during the Second World War. This is first authoritative account of the personalities behind their artful facades, told by novelist Andrew Barrow, whose life was profoundly affected by both men.

'It is not often that one comes across a truly original book, but here is one' Independent

'O'Connor was a histronic Withnail to Crisp's Ziggy Stardust...In Barrow's deft and cleverly constructed text, the two dance in and out of each other's lives and his own imagination' Guardian

'Beautifully tuned writing - a work of love' Daily Telegraph

'An affectionate and scrupulous portrait of the kind of lives which will never be seen again' Daily Mail