Released on 15 June 2017.

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The Space Between the Stars

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The Space between the Stars by Anne Corlett is an enthralling novel of love, the choices we make, and what it means to be human. It's also a dramatic road-trip across the stars, as a woman journeys across a plague-ravaged universe to the place she once called home, and the man she once loved.

How far would you travel to find your way home?

Jamie Allenby wakes, alone, and realizes her fever has broken. But could everyone she knows be dead? Months earlier, Jamie had left her partner Daniel, mourning the miscarriage of their baby. She’d just had to get away, so took a job on a distant planet. Then the virus hit.

Jamie survived as it swept through our far-flung colonies. Now she feels desperate and isolated, until she receives a garbled message from Earth. If someone from her past is still alive – perhaps Daniel – she knows she must find a way to return.

She meets others seeking Earth, and their ill-matched group will travel across space to achieve their dream. But they’ll clash with survivors intent on repeating humanity’s past mistakes, threatening their precious fresh start. Jamie will also get a second chance at happiness. But can she escape her troubled past, to embrace a hopeful future?

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Anne Corlett is a natural writer, full of stories
Maggie Gee
An original thinker and a very, very effective writer
Fay Weldon on Anne Corlett
The Space Between The Stars is – for me, at least – this year’s Station Eleven . . . it spoke straight to my heart and unstrung it, leaving me crying quietly on an aeroplane . . . Like Station Eleven, this is a story that uses a SF conceit to explore human nature rather than a story that is interested in its SF trappings
Speculative Herald