Where Mayflies Live Forever

Anupama Mohan

23 December 2022
208 pages


‘Hard-hitting’ Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

‘[A] novel of deep feeling’ Tanuj Solanki

Residents of a small town in Tamil Nadu are stunned by the beheading of a prominent man, whose head is missing from the scene of the crime. Everyone suspects Veni, a geography teacher at the local school, but she appears to have vanished from the face of the earth.

As the police gather testimonies from those who closely knew Veni, unsettling truths about this seemingly unknowable woman’s past gradually come to the fore. Where is Veni? The question haunts her family and other townsfolk, but the investigating officer has a different problem: Who is Veni?

Where Mayflies Live Forever is as much a suspenseful mystery as it is a story about one woman’s self-discovery in the natural world, with a disillusioned but probing heart. Anupama Mohan’s astonishing literary debut, written in fiery yet sublime prose and rendered with extraordinary power, is an absorbing exploration of violence and trauma, choice and identity, and the journey to find oneself in the wild.