Out on 02 September 2021

Fury of a Demon

Brian Naslund

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02 September 2021
464 pages

Fury of a Demon is the thrilling conclusion to the Dragons of Terra trilogy by Brian Naslund.

‘Part Game of Thrones, part superhero epic . . . a cinematic fantasy whirlwind’ Sebastien de Castell on Blood of an Exile

The land is in chaos as a hero heads for war.

Things are looking exceedingly grim for Bershad and Ashlyn. Pinned in the Deepwood by monstrous alchemical creations and a relentless army of mercenaries, they are running out of options and allies.

With every wound, Bershad gets closer to losing his humanity forever. And as the fight continues, the exile-turned-assassin-turned-hero isn’t sure if being human is even something he wants. But he does want to save his land and those he loves . . .

‘Exciting, epic and wonderfully told, full of subtle humour and laugh-out-loud lines’ Angus Watson on Blood of an Exile

Fury of a Demon follows Blood of an Exile and Sorcery of a Queen.

I had a great time with Blood of an Exile – it’s a fast, fun fantasy full of dragons and traitors, humour and bloody action. Fans of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law or Michael Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations will love Brian Naslund’s debut

Django Wexler on Blood of an Exile

Part Game of Thrones, part superhero epic, Blood of an Exile is a cinematic fantasy whirlwind

Sebastien de Castell on Blood of an Exile

A page-turning, action-packed tale full of memorable characters, set within a world full of dragons . . . It doesn't get much cooler than this

John Gwynne on Blood of an Exile